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Monday 5th December

Well this is it, the holiday is nearly over. It has been a fantastic trip, so many different things, so many different sites & so many different countries...... We have covered a lot of ground in such a short space of time.

Ian went to the Samba rehersal on Saturday evening I decided to have an early night! He got in at 3am, and said that things had just started to get going. It gave him a taste of how carnival will be. We are already thinking about coming back here for carnival in 2007, it has been such a great city to visit!

Yesterday morning we went to Old Rio then up to the Statue of Christ, The Statue of Christ really was something! The views from up there were unreal! It makes you realise how big Rio really is. Then in the afternoon we chilled out on Ipanema beach, the beaches here are really different from any other beach we have ever been on. You see all sorts & I mean all sorts... They even have a gay beach, now that was fun to see. There is so so many things going on the beach, I could not quite believe it! Anyway it was hot hot hot yesterday.

Today we are going up Sugar Loaf Mountain & then getting out flight back home.......... We are all packed and ready to go. We have a very large hold all full of presents and new purchases, god I did not realise we had bought so much. I also have a few orders from people to buy things from Duty Free, where on earth am I going to put it all?

Oh well no doubt be intouch with many of you when we get home & will be able to upload quite a number of photos, there is lots and lots.

The end of South America!!!!!!


Saturday 3rd December

Yesterday we took a boat ride under the Iguazu falls, and boy did we get wet! It was great, I have never laughed so much in ages. The falls were amazing, much more so than Victoria Falls in Zambia which we visited last year. The boat ride was awesome, I wanted to go again. Anyway we have some cool photos which show some amazing sights.

We then departed the falls to come to Rio & guess what - the plane had to get diverted because of the weather!!!!!!! It was raining, can you believe it? Ouch...... but today things are much better, still a bit cloudy but around 24ç which is not too bad. We are staying at the Copacabana Palace Hotel which really is wonderful, our room has an ocean view which is so nice. Rio is really all I imagined it to be and more! Full of beautiful people...... both men and women!!!!! with beautiful bodies......

This morning we went around the shops and I managed to purchase a few pairs of Mr Cat shoes, they are lovely, also got a few other bits and bobs & a lovely picture of Rio which will go with all our other pictures in our house of our travels abroad.

After shopping we then went on a Flavelo tour, this really was an eye opener, we learnt a lot about how these people live, you have to see it to believe it, it really does make you realise how fortunate we are.

This evening we are going out for an early dinner, then heading off to a Samba School Rehersal for Carnival. This does not start until 11pm this evening and lasts for 4 hours. I feel as though I need to get back to the UK to have a holiday.

It has been very very good though, we have had so much fun & so many memories.

Tomorrow we are going up sugar loaf etc, then chilling on the beach in the afternoon. Oh that was another purchase I got today, an
"Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Bikini"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have some fantastic Bikinis stores here, the store I went supplies Harrods but they are a fraction of the price here than what they are in London! They had so many to choose from. The shops here are amazing. I just wish I had more time to explore them.

Thursday 1st December

We have had a nice few relaxing days at the estancia! However my muscles ache..... we have been riding horses through the pampas for hours on end & I managed to get up to a steady galloping pace which is quite impressive considering I have not been much on a horse before. But I really am aching, I thought horse riding was easy. Ian has been riding many times in the past, so he had loads of confidence. It was really good at the estancia, just to have some time to relax. Again there was so much food on offer.

We are now at Igazu Falls, which is really very impressive sight. We had a quick walk today around the argentinian side and tomorrow we will go around the Brazilian side and on a Zodiac around the falls.

Off to our Suite now which overlooks the falls, the falls is directly in front of our room & we have a huge verandah to sit in! It is so hot here 32c, so going to have a nice bottle of champagne whilst watching the sunset.

Tomorrow afternoon we are off to Rio, we are really excited about.

Tuesday 29th November

Wow, where do we start? it has been a few days since we have updated this site, and those few days have been extremely busy!

We are now back in the sunshine which is good.

Today we depart Bs.As to visit the estancia in the Pampas, then we head to Igazu falls, then finish our trip in Rio!!!!! So not long really now to go before we are back home :-(, where has the time gone?

Lets work backwords.........

Well Yesterday morning, after a nightmare of no sleep (I shall explain later!!!!) we took a flight to Montevideo, to visit our friends Giorgio & Ceceile and we had a fantastic day.
Giorgio & Ceceile collected us from the airport, drove us around the city, we then managed to get some shopping!!!! Yipppee the shops in Montevideo are really nice & you can buy very unusual items which I took great delight in doing......so I had a lot of fun. We then took a trip to have some "Medio y Medio" this is half champagne & half wine, very nice indeed, we have brought a bottle home with us! Then we went to a very nice place to have a lovely lunch over looking the harbour, we had lots of meat again - we have eaten so much meat on this holiday, and unfortunately this morning I could hardly fasten my shorts & that is no joke, I had to take them off again! Guess who is feeling very depressed about that.... Then in the afternoon we went to a few view points, the City of Montevideo is very nice, we liked it a lot and would love to go back, only wish we had, had more time to spend in the place. We then visited one of Giorgios dogs. Then before heading to the airport Ian had to stop off and have an icecream. It was a lovely day & we enjoyed Giorgio & Ceceiles company very much. In the evening we came back got quickly dressed to go back out again & had sushi & champagne by the waterfront, very nice end to our stay in Buenos Aries.

On Sunday we visited Puerto Moreno Glacier in El Calafate, this was amazing, I have never seen anything like it in my life before. The size of this glacier was unreal. We seen the glacier erupt many times, quite an amazing sight. Also in the morning we treked in the ice, this was a pretty cool experience. I managed to get a burnt nose - can you believe it, on ice? we have many amazing photos of this moment. We then headed to the airport for our 7pm flight and our flight was severely delayed, it was a nightmare, eventually we took off at 1.30am and arrived into Bs.As at 5.30am, so that is the reason we had to sleep, it was a very tiring day.

Saturday was a really very nice day, again an early start. We went on a long boat trip to visit Upsala Glacier. Then we took a long walk to visit the glacier from the top which was quite cool. In the afternoon we went to Estancia Cristina, which was so remote. We had a nice late lunch and then headed back to El Calafate.

Friday we spent travelling from Torres del Paine to El Calafate!

Friday 25th November

Well we are leaving the Explora Hotel & Chile Today! and we are very sad to be leaving.

Yesterday we just relaxed chilled out, read books, then in the afternoon we went to the swimming pool, jacuzzi & sauna and chilled out with a group of people whom we have met on this trip! Drinking champagne in the swimming pool & beers in the Sauna, chilling out chatting. There has been a rather bizarre woman on this trip - Hippy Chick....... and she has been very very amusing!!!!! I do not think I have laughed so much in ages, so funny. I will have some funny stories to tell you all about her when I return.

In the evening the group of us met for dinner which was nice, I finished off in the bar, but Ian and the group ended up going off to a staff party and did not get back until the early hours of the morning.

We have had so much fun here, and met so many nice people it will be very sad to leave. It has been great.

Anyway, today we are heading back to Argentina, where we will visit Puerto Moreno glacier, this is the largest glacier in S.Amercia, we are going Ice Trekking on this too which should be fun. On Monday we should be back in Bs.As in the Sunshine, which will be good.

Catch you later.


23rd November

Today was fun for me anyway!!!! :-)

Ian choose to do a 25KM walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unreal, but he said it was amazing & worth while. This walk was through the french valleys & can you believe him and a group of guys went into a freezing cold lake skinny dipping, and he has some photos to prove it! Crazy men, seemingly there was 4 boys all in there early 30's!.........

Me on the other hand, had a rather relaxing day, I got up late, had a relaxing breakfast with lovely views of the towers infront of my eyes. I then went with a group of americans on a picture safari which was fun, we then had lunch at an estancia with gaucho's preparing lovely meat - yummy. In the afternoon I went horse riding through the mountains which was rather spectacular! Getting my riding skills up to speed before we spend 2 full days at the estancia in Bs.As.

Tomorrow we are both going to do another big walk & go to Glacier Grey.

My muscles are still aching from yesterday!

22nd November

Well today was tough, we had a 7hour walk, 18km with high exertion, mostly walking uphill, through narrow parths , across rivers, through forest but it was worth every minute and every effort to get to the base of the famous torres del paine towers. Tonight we are going to have a jacuzzi and relax our legs, this walk today has made me realise how unfit we are!!!!

The next few days should be much easier.

The weather has been very kind to us, slightly windy at points, but you welcome the breeze.

Monday 21st November

After a long long drive, we are now in Torres Del Paine National Park, what amazing scenery, there is so much to do and see here. We are going to have a busy 4 days.

The hotel we are staying (Explora) is awesome, at the time of booking I thought it was quite expensive, however now we are here we can see exactly why!!!!! The views from our room is amazing & we have a jacuzzi in our room, how cool is that?! Food is excellent too.

The hotel arranges all of our excursions, tomorrow we are going to walk up to Torres Del Paine, this will be a tough walk but should be worth it. Maybe we will do some horse riding also.

Catch you later........

Sunday 20th November

Just about to leave windy, windy Punta Arenas!!!! I cannot believe just how windy it is here! Yesterday we took a private city tour, went to a few museums learnt about the history of the people and place etc, went to a few view points. Quite a nice little city, but not really that much to do, just a stop over town enroute to somewhere else.
Last night we had fun and chilled out night, went to the Shackleton bar which was done out like an explorers cabin, played dominoes, neither of us has played this in years....... then we met a Chilean couple. We could not speak a word of spanish and they could not speak a word of english, but what fun we had, it is amazing how you manage to communicate with people who dont even speak the same language!!! We ended up going to a night club again drinking lots of pisco sours!!!! We had fun, Ian has a very sore head this morning. The Chilean people are very very friendly, more so than the Argentinian people.

Bye Bye


19 November 2005

Wow, we are now in Chile, we have covered some amount of ground in the last few days!!!!
Just having spent 3 nights on the boat & guess what I was NOT sick, yippee!!!! We had an amazing time on the boat, seen some spectacular sites, the highlight of the boat cruise was of course our visit to cape horn which of course we got a stamp in our passport & also a certificate.

We then sailed around Cape Horn, before heading back into the archipeligo. First stop after Cape Horn was Waihia Bay, which is a beautiful bay in the islands (Isla Narivina?) which is the location where the Beagle under Fitzroy picked up the native Jemmy Button before taking him back to London for a few years back in the 18th Century.

We also stopped at the Gunther Plastow glacier in Seno Chico Fjord, which were really amazing. We had a trip in the ship´s zodiacs (rigid inflatables) up a side fjord where two glaciers came right to the water´s edge. One Glacier was a deep blue without morraines, and the other was younger whiter, glacier with two lateral morraines. Both were retreating unfortunately. The deeper blue glacier, was continously cracking while we where there, and we saw at least 5 icefalls in to the fjord, one particularly impressive. Angela also got soaked when having wound the zodiac pilot, Camito, up over the last few days, he took the opportunity to guide her side of the boat a little too close to a waterfall. Strangely though only Angela got wet...

There was also an early morning trip to see the Magellan Penguins on Magdalena Island. There are aparently 60 000 breeding pairs on the island, however only one of us managed to get up early enough to see it... Guess who stayed in bed whilst everyone else on the ship went ashore... (Angela)

The food was great on the boat and there were lots of lectures about the areas we were visiting etc, very interesting. On the boat there was all different nationalities. Very tiring though as we had to do lots of walking.

We had fun, we are now in Punta Arenas (Chile) making our way to Puerto Natales tomorrow which is where we stop before heading into Torres Del Paine national park.

We have so many photos it is unreal.

16th November

Well today is our last day in Ushuaia. Yesterday we went around Tierra del Fuego National Park, which had lots of lovely lakes, with huge mountains in the background. It reminded us very much of Scotland. We then had a Parilla (Huge BBQ of meat - Typical Argeninian Cusine) for lunch this was very nice. In the afternoon we went up a Ski Lift into the Mountains & walked a little to see a small glacier, fantastic views from the top!!!!!

Today we are off on the boat - Mare Australis for 3 nights, and I am dreading it already. Those of you who know me quite well, know how sick I get on boats!!!!!! Oh well hopefully the tablets will help me. On the boat we will go to Cape Horn, the most southerly point of land before you get to Antartica, which is quite exciting, as well as visiting more glaciers!

Speak soon below are some photos of tierra del fuego national park in Argentina


14th November 2005[/b]


Monday 14th November 2005
We are here! Amazing, we have finally reached Ushuaia, the southermost city in the World. Latitude 54 degrees south, longitude 68 degrees west. We are almost falling off the globe!!!!The Scenery here is amazing.

Yesterday was another eventful day in Bs.As - We went to Cafe Tortini & San Telmo famous market. In the afternoon I went to a BBQ with Antonio, it was another dog breeder whom we visited. The hospitality was splendid - fantastic food, typical argentinian food. Yummy lots of meat, lovely fresh salad, and a lovely argentinian desert which was very nice but so sweet! She had a lovely house, with lovely gardens........ Then in the evening the three of us (Ian, me & Antonio) went to a tango show - great dancers & singers. We then went to a really trendy club - Asia De Cuba - where we enjoyed lovely cocktails & sushi, which overlooked the waterfront.

This morning we woke up really early enjoyed a breakfast with Antonio at our hotel before saying our goodbyes. He has been great company and it has been really good to have someone who speaks spanish to show us around & request things for us. We will miss him.

We then had a 4 hour flight to Ushuaia, checked into our hotel, had a walk around the town, visited the monument of the Falkland Islands. The scenery here is really nice. Tonight we are going out to a seafood restaurant.

Tomorrow we will be going to a national park etc.

Also uploaded "some" photos, but there is many many more!!!!

Bye for now!!!!!

12th November[/b]

We have arrived!!!!

We had a good flight, only delayed for around 1 hour which was not too bad.

Well we have had an excellent, few days in Buenos Aires, it is such a huge city, with so much to see and do, just not enough time to see it all unfortunately. The weather has been fantastic, very hot and sunny, but not humid.

On Friday when we arrived, We walked along the harbour, had nice wine & chilled out. Then we went to visit Antonios handler Paula, and seen many dogs, not forgetting Adam (Rosas son) it was so nice to see him & to see how happy he is!!!! On Friday evening, unfortunately Ian was not feeling 100% so Antonio & I went out and had a nice dinner on the harbour. Eating out is so so cheap here.

Yesterday - Saturday, we went on a City Tour and seen some amazing sights, had a nice lunch in Recoleta - this was a lovely area, we then went to Japenese Gardens & just chilled & let lunch go down...... we went to a huge shopping mall, you can buy lovely leather products here & fab shoes.......

In the evening we went to the City´s famous restaurant, Cabina Las Lilas & it was fantastic, I have never tasted beef like it!!!!!! Yummy........ we then hit the town and had many Pisco Sours, guess who has a sore head this morning!!!!

Well today we are going to the famous cafe, visiting another dog breeder who is doing a bbq for us, then in the evening we hit the town again with a tango show, which we are really looking forward too.

Tomorrow we fly to Ushia where we will start exploring Patagonia!

Well better go, will give you all an update in a few days time.


Well today we depart for South America!!!!!! on a 15 hour flight to Buenos Aires, where our adventure begins.......

It is currently raining very heavy here in London, although tomorrow we hope to be in the sunshine!!!!

Will update this site regularly whilst we are away and let you know what we are up to and upload some photos onto this site when we can.

Take care

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